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Getting Started in 401 (K) Investing: Comprehensive Coverage
by Paul Katzeff (Author)

More than twenty-five million Americans have one trillion dollars invested in their 401(k) plans, yet many don't take full advantage of benefits because of confusing information. This straightforward guide cuts through the technical jargon to give readers a clear picture of what they can—and should—expect from their plans.

Book Info
Provides a clear picture of what you should expect from your 401 (K) plan and how to get the most from your plan to build a strong retirement nest egg. Softcover. DLC: 401 (k) Plans.

About the Author
PAUL KATZEFF (Duxbury, MA) is a personal finance and investment writer for Investor's Business Daily and the author of The Ten Minute Guide to 401(k) Plans. He was formerly the Boston correspondent for Money Magazine.


4 out of 5 stars Very useful in helping me plan my 401(k), June 18, 2000

  Reviewer: Craig Childs (see more about me) from Cordova, TN United States

Written for investing novices, this book explains and clarifies the details of investing in a 401(k) plan. It was very useful when I set up my 401(k) account for the first time, and has subsequently come in handy as a reference guide when questions arose.

My only small complaint is that at times the material was "dumbed down" a little too much, and the author used generalizations rather than delve into some of the specifics of investing for retirement.


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4 out of 5 stars Practical and easy to understand, August 12, 1999

  Reviewer: A reader from Long Island, NY

I usually throw away the material from my human resource department about benefits because it's so difficult to understand. On the other hand, this book really helped me to decide how much money I should be contributing to my 401(k) plan and how to choose my allocations. This is a useful book for all employees with 401(k) plans.












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