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Sensational Bathrooms (House Beautiful)








Sensational Bathrooms (House Beautiful)
by House Beautiful,

Renovate to create a fantasy bathroom! Practicality and beauty go side-by-side in a fusion of style and function. Let the indulgence begin with a look through luscious photographs of bathrooms luxurious, utilitarian, and whimsical. The number of possibilities is endless, from Early American to Modern Minimalist, from old-fashioned claw-foot tubs to sleek granite-topped counters. There are plenty of ingenious solutions to problems of space, storage, and safety, as well as clever ideas for highlighting fixtures. See what it takes to achieve an efficient and attractive design, from flattering lighting to fabulous flooring to surfaces that stand up to moisture. Unusual, idiosyncratic designs will take your breath away (including one by Frank Lloyd Wright) and super-luxury items, such as a sky-lit shower with inset windows, are all part of the fantasy.




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