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Getting Back on Your Feet: How to Recover Mobility and Fitness After Injury or Surgery to Your Foot, Leg, Hip, or Knee












Getting Back on Your Feet: How to Recover Mobility and Fitness After Injury or Surgery to Your Foot, Leg, Hip, or Knee
by Sally R. Pryor,

From Library Journal
This thorough and practical guide offers the kind of advice on using crutches, walkers, and other mobility aids that doctors, physical therapists, or other health professionals might not but should have given patients. Covering the wide range of injuries from simple strains to severe disabilities, it provides a variety of tips on how to cope with stairs, how to manage in the kitchen, how to sit down and stand up, etc. There are also physical and mental exercises, a discussion of all forms of rehabilitation, and hints to helpful families and friends on what not to do or say. The illustrations, appendixes, and index weren't seen, but the resource list alone is valuable.This accurate and informative book will be in demand and is, therefore, a wise purchase for any library. --Edward R. Pinckney, M.D., Beverly Hills, Cal.
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Howard A. Rusk, President of the World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc.
Comprehensive and practical approach to the problems of those in wheelchairs and on crutches. To the reader it imparts warmth, motivation, encouragement, and understanding in a fashion that is quite rare in medical literature.

Book Description
Injury? Operation? Arthritis? Unique guide (and perfect gift) picks up where doctor or therapist leaves off, showing young and old how to stay independent, work, exercise, travel, have fun and cope emotionally with lifestyle disruptions such as Knee Reconstruction, Broken Leg, Joint Replacement, Diabetic Amputation, Foot Surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Back Problems or Cancer. How to manage home, workplace, childcare, travel, wheelchair, crutches and other mobility aids.

About the Author
Author Sally R. Pryor, an Emergency Medical Technician as well as experienced patient, wrote this blend of positive thinking and practical know-how to help other patients - and their families - manage the transient or possibly permanent challenges of living with an injury or illness.


5 out of 5 stars Recommended -Been there and back, this book helps!, November 9, 2002

  Reviewer: nkmunn (see more about me) from Fremont, CA USA

I agree, every orthopaedic patient should leave the hospital with this book! My only wish is that I'd had it sooner after discharge. Helps with topics other titles just don't cover, like flying while disabled, etc.

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5 out of 5 stars I can walk again! Thank you Sally Pryor!, April 25, 2001

Top 500 Reviewer Reviewer: Michael Foley (see more about me) from Paxton, MA USA

One year ago I snapped my patella tendon playing basketball. It sounded like a broomstick breaking, and my kneecap went up my thigh. I never thought I'd walk again. Not being able to walk made me realize how many things we take for granted: kicking my dog in the ribs, dressing up re-enacting Nadia Commenici's 1980 olympic balance beam performance, or dancing around my living room to the new brand new Huey Lewis and the news CD. Thank you Sally!







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